I have explored and written about “posthuman” ideas since the late 1980's and have discussed with many people the validity of particular views of the future. One debate concerns the “Trans-human” 500 year transition period claim versus the opinion shared by me that some of us in the developed world are already “Posthuman”(our skeletons are now a different shape from homo-sapiens of the C19th and C20th D-shaped not round). The ‘Industrial Revolution’ was the “trans” stage. Posthuman NOW!!

Another topic concerns whether or not the Singularity idea  is valid, and how many of Kurzweil’s predictions hold  truth. No one of us has a complete and accurate picture of the future, and all of the competing options need space to develop. To this ends, I am making this page into a set of LINKS to a representative sample of various interested parties. These organisations do not necessarily share my own views or those of others on this list.  Sorry if I've missed anybody, please send me your  URL.

Primal Eye documentary

Part one - approx 8 mins 30 secs of a 54 minute video originally designed to fill an hour Philosophy University lecture slot. Steve presents his Primal Eye theory, with commentary by Prof. Richard Gregory, Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, and others.






Meta-theory of MIND synopsis- www.extropia.net

Primal Eye hardback, paperback or download


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